Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shading in Eyebrows!

Practice makes perfect! Keep this in mind after reading this entry.. Eyebrow Shading can be a lil tricky but, after having your eyebrows nicely shaped it shouldn't be too hard.. So before going forward make sure you read my blog on The Perfect Eyebrows!

Tools you will need:

*Angled brow brush-Japonesque has a great one.
Japonesque travel eyebrow brush

*Eyebrow gel from MakeUp Forever

*Powder filler-this can be a brown or taupe eyeshadow or an actual filler like Browzing from Benefit in light (for both dark or light hair).

*Brown (for dark hair) or Taupe (for light hair) -i use Rich Brown or Taupe by MUD

*Your foundation and a small concealer brush.


Start by brushing your eyebrows so the hairs are all brushed evenly.

Begin with the powder and start from Line D (see diagram in previous post).

Follow the shape of your eyebrow applying a little below and above your natural eyebrow shape.

As you apply keep in mind the Classic Eyebrow that you are trying to achieve.. Yes, a stencil sounds great right about now..but what if you don't have that darn stencil one day!? lol..

You will notice that there are places above and below the eyebrow that don't have hairs.. No need to panic! this is when you pull out that Eye Pencil.

Steadily and using little strokes apply the pencil lightly to the places where you don't have hair. From Line D to Line E and ending at Line F. This technique will help you get the shape you want.

At this point if your eyebrows are looking a mess! DO NOT WORRY! Now it's clean up time.. ;)

Take your concealer brush and dab it in a lil foundation. Go around the shape of your eyebrow if needed and use the foundation to clean up and define the shape you want. Some eyebrows will not need this step.

Remember its just make up and it can all come off and be re-applied!!

Once again.. it takes practice.. so keep practicing.. if you want constructive criticism after going through this lil procedure.. lol.. feel free to email me a picture of your final product.. ;)

Also, If you are in Southern Cali and would like a personal session on Eyebrows contact me!

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