Monday, November 29, 2010

Kylie Jenner Photoshoot!

I had the opportunity to work with Kylie Jenner recently. It was a pleasure to work with her and alot of fun. Since she is 13, i had to keep the make up to a minimum but she still looked fabulous. The wonderful and talented Monica Rose was styling and hairstylist Alon Shalom. Here are just a few BTS and images of the shoot.


Say No to Tarantula eyes!!!!! lol... remember that commercial?! ;) Lashes are a big deal when it comes to makeup.. you have to make sure the lashes are on point so your eyes stand out even more after the eyeshadow, the liner and all that eye makeup.. the main thing to focus on is length and volume. To achieve this you must make sure your eyelashes are properly curled, and the mascara is the right one for you.

Eyelash curler: A spoon (yes, you can curl your lashes with a spoon but that's a whole different post.. lol ) , Shiseido or Shu Eumura are the best.. not only do they wrap around perfectly on the eyelid, they also have a strong grip to get the perfect curl on the eyelashes. When you curl you place the eyelash curler right on the rim of the lash line.. give it one strong squeeze and slowly while squeezing on and off with the curler pull outwards towards the sky... ;)

Mascara: There are two that i truly LOVE!! Bad Gal Lash by Benefit and Lash Injection by Too Faced.. Both have the big brush that will help with volume.. although the consistency of both are very similar, Lash Injection is waterproof. When applying mascara.. remember to coat every lash.. trust me.. it makes a difference. Start at the lash line from under the lashes by wiggling the brush side to side to separate the lashes. Once you have mascara on the lashes along the lash line, you can pull out with the brush all the way to the end of the lash. **you can put on as many coats as desired .. i prefer a few for a fuller look** let the first coat dry before applying more. Put less mascara on the bottom lashes to open up the eyes even more.

If necessary use a lash comb to remove any clumps of mascara.

Lashes make a HUGE difference on the eye.. it not only makes your eye makeup stand out more but it also opens the eyes up!! soooo Lash Out!! ;)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Randomness Makeup Tips...

Helllo Makeup Lovers... so i figured i would do this post kinda different.. i asked for topics and i got them alright... lol.. so lets start with:

Brushes: When puchasing brushes the first thing you want to look at are the bristles. Depending what you are using them for, brushes should range from soft to a little stiff.

Don't break your head trying to figure out what brush is perfect for what.. most of the time they are labeled.. Brushes are an investment.. when taken care of properly they will last for many years.. the good ones will not lose bristles on the face or when you clean them with brush cleaner.. sooooo don't be too cheap... its probably the most you will spend when it comes to makeup. has excellent brushes and for more cost affordable ones Not as good but will work.

Foundation: During the Fall and Winter season we all tend to lose color... unless you like to do the tanning bed thing.. but now a days its just a little too expensive for all that... Foundation can be a little hard to pick out depending on the undertone of your face. Most of us have a yellow undertone. Meaning that your foundation should have yellow tone to it in order to match your face. For darker skin tones undertones may vary from orange to red. Match the color to your neck.. never your hand or cheek.. you want an even face not a two tone one! ;/

Foundation should be 1/2 a shade darker than your natural skin tone. This is because our faces are in most cases a little lighter than our bodies. You should always have two different color foundations. One for the Spring/Summer (when the sun is out more) and one for the Fall/Winter (when the sun is out less).

*A powder to set the make up can also change the color of the foundation.

It should be of the same brand. This will allow you to mix the two when needed. I use MUD cream foundations which are easy to blend and mix together. A little goes LOOONG way... I also recommend Make Up Forever HD foundation for everyday use. Its light and its liquid.

If you need color matching email me: i can color match you and shop with you so you know that you are choosing the perfect tone for you! (rates vary) but are affordable ;)

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Classic Smokey Eye!

Before i start this short blog.... Remember that it's just makeup and it can be removed and re-applied as many times as you want. Soooo, if you mess up.... don't get frustrated.. cause you can do it Allll over again.. =)

Ok, Let's begin...

The Classic Smokey Eye!

Tools needed:

  • Dark Brown shadow

  • Black shadow

  • Black eyeliner

  • Nude or white shadow

  • 2 Small Shadow brush

  • Small Crease Blending Brush

  • Small Tip Smudge brush

*If you have questions regarding brands recommended or where to get some of the items listed email me.

Before applying anything make sure you have applied and set foundation on the eyelid. Now that you know how to achieve The Perfect Eyebrow its time for a Classic Smokey Eye. Start by applying a Nude eyeshadow along the brow bone (under eyebrow) only! do not go below your crease. Use the Small Shadow Brush. And then..... LOL ok sorry had a moment... Next, along the crease use the Brown shadow with the Crease Brush and go back and forth on the crease only!! and blend up.. Then, use the Black shadow and apply it with one of the Shadow brushes all over the lid covering the lid completely. When you are finished grab the Crease brush used for the brown and blend! blend! blend! make sure you Blend the brown and black. Apply black eyeliner inside the water line and a thin line on the bottom eyelid. Use the Small Smudge brush with black shadow and apply along the bottom lid over the black liner. Using the same brush with brown shadow this time do the same but blend out to create the smokey effect. you can apply black eyeliner on the lash line also. Don't forget your mascara and Whalaaa!! The Classic Smokey Eye!!!!

Again, If you need constructive criticism email me pictures of your complete Classic Smokey Eye. =)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shading in Eyebrows!

Practice makes perfect! Keep this in mind after reading this entry.. Eyebrow Shading can be a lil tricky but, after having your eyebrows nicely shaped it shouldn't be too hard.. So before going forward make sure you read my blog on The Perfect Eyebrows!

Tools you will need:

*Angled brow brush-Japonesque has a great one.
Japonesque travel eyebrow brush

*Eyebrow gel from MakeUp Forever

*Powder filler-this can be a brown or taupe eyeshadow or an actual filler like Browzing from Benefit in light (for both dark or light hair).

*Brown (for dark hair) or Taupe (for light hair) -i use Rich Brown or Taupe by MUD

*Your foundation and a small concealer brush.


Start by brushing your eyebrows so the hairs are all brushed evenly.

Begin with the powder and start from Line D (see diagram in previous post).

Follow the shape of your eyebrow applying a little below and above your natural eyebrow shape.

As you apply keep in mind the Classic Eyebrow that you are trying to achieve.. Yes, a stencil sounds great right about now..but what if you don't have that darn stencil one day!? lol..

You will notice that there are places above and below the eyebrow that don't have hairs.. No need to panic! this is when you pull out that Eye Pencil.

Steadily and using little strokes apply the pencil lightly to the places where you don't have hair. From Line D to Line E and ending at Line F. This technique will help you get the shape you want.

At this point if your eyebrows are looking a mess! DO NOT WORRY! Now it's clean up time.. ;)

Take your concealer brush and dab it in a lil foundation. Go around the shape of your eyebrow if needed and use the foundation to clean up and define the shape you want. Some eyebrows will not need this step.

Remember its just make up and it can all come off and be re-applied!!

Once again.. it takes practice.. so keep practicing.. if you want constructive criticism after going through this lil procedure.. lol.. feel free to email me a picture of your final product.. ;)

Also, If you are in Southern Cali and would like a personal session on Eyebrows contact me!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nude Lip Shade!

Before getting into this mini lip shade blog.. Let me just say that there is NOT one right shade for you! Remember that with make up everything can be blended and mixed.. especially lip color. Here is my favorite nude lip color and how you can get the shade..


Lip Liner-use a liner that is one shade lighter than your natural lip color. Ben Nye's Caramel Rose (If you're in LA, Nigel's or Frend's in North Hollywood carries it) or Mac's Subculture matches most natural lip colors. Line your lips and also fill
in lips with lip pencil.

Lipstick-It's always best to use a lip brush when applying lipstick. Or you can use your finger tip to dab it on (make sure you sanitize your hands.. Germs are everywhere and you don't want them in your mouth;) ). A good color to start off with it is Sandy Beach from MUD (the color shown on site looks much darker). Top it off by dabbing your lips with Freckletone (neutral peach/lustre) from MAC.

Gloss- You can do clear to keep the color or use a peachy gloss like Pink Lemonade from MAC for a peachy nude.

Don't be afraid to mix lipsticks together it's the only way to get your lip color to the exact shade you are looking for. Have fun and customize your own lip color. Annnd ....

Relax, It's just MakeUp! ;)

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Perfect Eyebrows!

Draya's eye

     To many, eyebrows are just 2 hairy lil annoying things posted above our To me, eyebrows are the 2 most important thing on your face... they not only shape your face but can be transformed and cutomized to fit whatever look you are looking for... there are many ways to groom those bad boys... waxing.. .threading... or tweezing... i prefer tweezing... because you have more control over the shape you are trying to achieve.. although it takes longer... sometimes in order to perfect something you must wait for it!

Steps to achieving Perfect Eyebrows By Tweezing Them Yourself:

1. Make sure you have a good pair of tweezers. Tweezwerman tweezers are great!

2. The idea is to achieve the Classic Eyebrow **--->
(4 Key Things To Know)

  1. The brow starts (line D) a little bit in towards the center of your face from the corner of your eye. It ends at line F, which is roughly a 45 degree angle that starts at the brow beginning and runs alongside the outside edge of your eye. Use your brush to estimate this.
  2. The bottom of the brow (line B) is at the same height as the top of your eyelid. Both ends of the brow should be at roughly the same height, with the tail end perhaps a little higher.
  3. Your eyebrow’s arch (line E) should be in line with the outside of your iris (the colored part of your eye) when you’re looking straight ahead.
  4. Your brow height (line B to line C) should be about the same height as from the top of your eyelid to the bottom half of your iris (line A to line B). Another way to look at this is while looking straight ahead with your eyes open normally, the height of your eyelid should be about half the height of your eyebrow.

**Although everyones eyebrows will not look like this there are other ways to get this shape (shading with pencil, or powder).

3. Tweeze one hair at a time. Don't get carried away and start tweezing hairs that are just frustrating you.

4. As you tweeze brush hairs up so you can see the brow line.

5. Remember that your eyebrows are sisters not twins. ;) When shaping DO NOT try to make them identical!! Thats when shading comes in.