Monday, September 20, 2010

The Classic Smokey Eye!

Before i start this short blog.... Remember that it's just makeup and it can be removed and re-applied as many times as you want. Soooo, if you mess up.... don't get frustrated.. cause you can do it Allll over again.. =)

Ok, Let's begin...

The Classic Smokey Eye!

Tools needed:

  • Dark Brown shadow

  • Black shadow

  • Black eyeliner

  • Nude or white shadow

  • 2 Small Shadow brush

  • Small Crease Blending Brush

  • Small Tip Smudge brush

*If you have questions regarding brands recommended or where to get some of the items listed email me.

Before applying anything make sure you have applied and set foundation on the eyelid. Now that you know how to achieve The Perfect Eyebrow its time for a Classic Smokey Eye. Start by applying a Nude eyeshadow along the brow bone (under eyebrow) only! do not go below your crease. Use the Small Shadow Brush. And then..... LOL ok sorry had a moment... Next, along the crease use the Brown shadow with the Crease Brush and go back and forth on the crease only!! and blend up.. Then, use the Black shadow and apply it with one of the Shadow brushes all over the lid covering the lid completely. When you are finished grab the Crease brush used for the brown and blend! blend! blend! make sure you Blend the brown and black. Apply black eyeliner inside the water line and a thin line on the bottom eyelid. Use the Small Smudge brush with black shadow and apply along the bottom lid over the black liner. Using the same brush with brown shadow this time do the same but blend out to create the smokey effect. you can apply black eyeliner on the lash line also. Don't forget your mascara and Whalaaa!! The Classic Smokey Eye!!!!

Again, If you need constructive criticism email me pictures of your complete Classic Smokey Eye. =)


  1. thanks! This is VERY helpful. I love your blog Gaby

  2. Hey Destiny.. thank you!! glad its helpful and you like it.. =)