Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Randomness Makeup Tips...

Helllo Makeup Lovers... so i figured i would do this post kinda different.. i asked for topics and i got them alright... lol.. so lets start with:

Brushes: When puchasing brushes the first thing you want to look at are the bristles. Depending what you are using them for, brushes should range from soft to a little stiff.

Don't break your head trying to figure out what brush is perfect for what.. most of the time they are labeled.. Brushes are an investment.. when taken care of properly they will last for many years.. the good ones will not lose bristles on the face or when you clean them with brush cleaner.. sooooo don't be too cheap... its probably the most you will spend when it comes to makeup. has excellent brushes and for more cost affordable ones Not as good but will work.

Foundation: During the Fall and Winter season we all tend to lose color... unless you like to do the tanning bed thing.. but now a days its just a little too expensive for all that... Foundation can be a little hard to pick out depending on the undertone of your face. Most of us have a yellow undertone. Meaning that your foundation should have yellow tone to it in order to match your face. For darker skin tones undertones may vary from orange to red. Match the color to your neck.. never your hand or cheek.. you want an even face not a two tone one! ;/

Foundation should be 1/2 a shade darker than your natural skin tone. This is because our faces are in most cases a little lighter than our bodies. You should always have two different color foundations. One for the Spring/Summer (when the sun is out more) and one for the Fall/Winter (when the sun is out less).

*A powder to set the make up can also change the color of the foundation.

It should be of the same brand. This will allow you to mix the two when needed. I use MUD cream foundations which are easy to blend and mix together. A little goes LOOONG way... I also recommend Make Up Forever HD foundation for everyday use. Its light and its liquid.

If you need color matching email me: i can color match you and shop with you so you know that you are choosing the perfect tone for you! (rates vary) but are affordable ;)