Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Glossy Skin - My top 5 favorite highlight/illuminating products!


       My favorite highlighters are not based on the color so much as the consistency.  I like my highlight/illuminating products finely milled and almost creamy. I stay away from those with chunks of glitter. Most of these i apply with my finger or a Glamour Sponge.

                                                1. First on my list is Jouer Cosmetics cream highlighter in Champagne

This is a beautiful finely milled cream rose gold color that goes on like a dream. The creaminess of this product is insane. Before lightly powdering the face I dab some with my finger tip on the high points of the face. Cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupids bow, chin and sometimes even forehead depending on the look. I've used this as a shadow too.  Aside from Champagne, Jouer cream highlight comes in Camellia (white pearl) and (gold). This comes in a small square compact that can connect with other Jouer products. Price is $22 with 2g of product. Well worth it too

RBR Sea of Sowers
2. My second favorite is not a cream or powder, but a liquid. Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea of Showers. It's a super silky also finely milled rose gold with a dash of pearl liquid. I like using this one mixed with a highlighting pen or as a primer on the high points of the face. It dries fast and won't move so you have to work fast with it. Its highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. This is a UK brand and cannot be found in store. You can order it online and if you're lucky enough to find it on the uk, you must try the other 3 colors too. Only downfall is the amount that dispenses when you pump it. Because a little goes a long way, it can be wasteful to over pump. Comes in a   glass frosty bottle with a pump. The price is $50 for 1.01oz.

Soleil Tan De Chanel

3. Next on my list is Soleil tan de Chanel Sheer illuminating fluid. It's a liquid as well. Although it's not as pigmented as the RBR I mentioned above. It comes in one color. I love this for a subtle glow. Mixed with foundation or even on top. It has a rosy champagne gold to it and the consistency is a bit runny. For the price I do think it's something everyone needs in their kit. Especially for a subtle dewy look.  Comes in a glass bottle. Price is $48 for 1oz

 4. Now to a powder. I'm sure this one is a favorite amongst many makeup artist or even woman who love a glow alone. Becca cosmetics luminous compact in Opal. This beautiful rose gold color has very finely milled pearl shimmer that makes the light reflect ridiculously pretty.  Dusted on the cheek bone with a fan brush the bridge of the nose Cupid's bow. Or you can apply it with your fingers. The consistency makes it easy to blend as though it were a cream. This is by far my favorite formula in a powder form. Price $38. .28 oz

5. Another powder highlight i like is from NARS. Its the Dual Intensity blush duo in Frenzy. The highlight side on the left is a very pretty champagne tone. It also has a creamy feel to it which allows it to go on smoothly. It can also be used wet for a more intense application. I use it with a synthetic brush either alone or as a topper over the cream highlight. The price is a bit high for .21oz of product, but i have yet to find something that's comparable. I am hoping NARS comes out with single dual intensity highlighters. Price is $45 for .21oz.

I can sit here an name so many more highlighters since my collection has a vast variety of them. These are my top 5 that i use more often. They are all very versatile and can be used in numerous ways. I would say that for the most part all of them are good on all skin tones if used correctly. Jouer has the light pearl cream that's perfect for light/pale skin complexions. They also have a gold tone that's great on darker skin. RBR and Chanel can definitely be used on all skin tones under or mixed with foundation. Becca pearl and Nars Frenzy i would use for medium to dark.