Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nude Lip Shade!

Before getting into this mini lip shade blog.. Let me just say that there is NOT one right shade for you! Remember that with make up everything can be blended and mixed.. especially lip color. Here is my favorite nude lip color and how you can get the shade..


Lip Liner-use a liner that is one shade lighter than your natural lip color. Ben Nye's Caramel Rose (If you're in LA, Nigel's or Frend's in North Hollywood carries it) or Mac's Subculture matches most natural lip colors. Line your lips and also fill
in lips with lip pencil.

Lipstick-It's always best to use a lip brush when applying lipstick. Or you can use your finger tip to dab it on (make sure you sanitize your hands.. Germs are everywhere and you don't want them in your mouth;) ). A good color to start off with it is Sandy Beach from MUD (the color shown on site looks much darker). Top it off by dabbing your lips with Freckletone (neutral peach/lustre) from MAC.

Gloss- You can do clear to keep the color or use a peachy gloss like Pink Lemonade from MAC for a peachy nude.

Don't be afraid to mix lipsticks together it's the only way to get your lip color to the exact shade you are looking for. Have fun and customize your own lip color. Annnd ....

Relax, It's just MakeUp! ;)

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  1. your posts are so helpful. you deserve more followers thats for sure! and i also love the pictures you use! is that you?