Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Reveal Beauty - Mini Eyelash Curler

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    I love lashes! Especially when they are perfectly curled. Whether they are natural lashes or falsies the only way to get that perfect curl is with the perfect tool. I finally found one! This eyelash curler gives the perfect round shape to your lashes. I've come across many lash curlers that make lashes look like L's. Not cute! they have too much pressure between the lash and cushion and it makes them look less than natural and more like spider legs. 

   Lets talk about the sleek matte black aesthetic of this tool. I love black and even more when its a beauty tool. I'm sold on the color alone. :)

     A regular lash curler is not as precise as a mini curler. This one can get into the lashes that are left hanging on the outer part of the eye. It definitely looks better when all your lashes are curled nicely the same way. The Reveal Beauty Mini Lash Curler is also amazing on false lashes! It helps blend the falsies with the natural lashes and gives them that extra umph. Another trick to get your lashes looking right is by applying a light coat of mascara. Wait until it dries and gently curl with the Mini Lash curler. This will help your lashes stay in place!
The rounded cushion allows the lashes to curl in a rounded subtle shape. The packaging is simple and comes in a PVC plastic bag. This is brilliant considering I've lost almost every cushion on past curlers I've owned.
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